Liam Stone was an undercover FBI agent for more than 18 years. While serving a federal arrest warrant, he encountered gunfire while entering a residence. This resulted in numerous injuries to law enforcement personnel and, ultimately, the death of the shooter. Liam’s exceptional performance during this dangerous situation ensured the safety of his team members. As a result, Liam received one of the FBI’s highest awards: The FBI Shield of Bravery.

During his long FBI career, Liam led highly successful investigations into various criminal enterprises in both the United States and internationally. He also worked on numerous task forces such as Violent Street Gangs Task Force, Joint Terrorism Task Forces, Safe Trails Task Force, which concentrated on Indian Reservations, and Project Safe Neighborhoods.

Liam received the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Director’s award for grateful service to law enforcement. He also received a State of Texas Senate Resolution for his tenacity on one of the first human trafficking investigations in the United States. As a result of this investigation, Liam helped make human trafficking a felony in the State of Texas.

Near the end of his career, Liam was an FBI instructor and mentor. After more than 26 years of faithful service, he retired from the FBI as a Supervisory Special Agent.

Before joining the FBI, Stone was a police officer with the City of Irving. There, he earned two lifesaving awards, as well as numerous other awards and commendations.

Liam is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, where he received an honorable discharge.

Family Above All

Remember the character name Will Rockton, you'll probably see him in a Netflix series in the future.  Rockton is the lead character in a recently published novel by retired FBI agent Liam Stone. 


Here's the premise of this fantastically written book that will keep your interest from cover to cover:  Undercover FBI Special Agent Will Rockton has just completed a tough assignment and is ready for some relaxation with his wife and twin boys. But before Will can settle in, a routine investigation leads to what could be the biggest case of his career: the Sterling family.

The Sterlings have it all—money, businesses, the American Dream. But deep within their family’s core is something rotten. And it’s Will’s job to sniff it out.

Diving head-first into the wealthy family’s dark secrets, Will soon discovers that the Sterlings are ruthless killers with tentacles stretching across the globe. Yet as he gets more involved with their lavish lifestyle—and one of the Sterling wives, Sadie—he begins to question his former life. Will he have time to save his real marriage? Will he ever escape the Sterlings’ complicated world?

Most importantly, does he even want to leave?

Family Above All is a thrilling novel from first-time author Liam Stone, himself a retired deep undercover FBI special agent. Prohibited by the Justice Department from writing about any of his real-life investigations, Liam Stone designates this book as fiction.


Buckle up, you're going to enjoy this ride!