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BestIndeBooks: who we are & why we launched

Welcome to the first blog post for BestIndeBooks. Like every story, there’s a beginning. This is ours.

This site was created after numerous conversations with a good friend. As we discussed how there are many fascinating stories being told by first-time and nonprofessional writers, we realized there needed to be a better way for those authors to promote their books. Despite having a great book,

they often struggle for recognition. They find it hard to achieve exposure to a wider, global audience. I want to help change that. I want to help change that.

I have an entrepreneurial background with an eye that looks to solve problems or provide solutions. After studying the independent or self-published industry sector more closely, I noticed lot's of advice, tips, suggestions and PR/marketing as a service sites; but none seemed to genuinely focus on building a community, seeking and spotlighting the BEST from this industry sector.

"our mission is to spotlight exciting books from self-published, first time and nonprofessional authors."

Furthermore, I consider web design a form of art and for the most part I saw basic WordPress or other basic CMS sites. I have nothing against WordPress nor any of the sites I Google'd upon. WordPress is a great content management system (CMS) and I've used it extensively myself. However, WordPress is like woodworking tools; some folks can build a wonderful bird house and others have the skill to build a beautiful home. I am creating something of quality with modern design elements with resource and benefit. A site worthy of the next Shakespeare among us.

BestIndeBooks: "inde" as in Independent; self-published, first time and nonprofessional writers...also the "bestindie..." URL was already registered! 😉

BestIndeBooks has three components focused on serving the "inde" book community: 1) discover and spotlight the BEST "inde" authors and books, 2) build an audience for "inde" writers and 3) be a resource for "inde" writers.

Thank you for visiting, please join our community and stay tuned for more to come...soon!

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